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We manufactured the whole range of battery chargers under own brand, GST. The chargers had gone through type test in United Kingdom and accorded the ASTA Certification to IEC 146-1-1 testing standard.

The charger utilities thyristor as the power-controlling element to achieve high effficiency and overload capability. The high efficiency of operation enables the recifier to deliver high output current with lower power loss. The equipment can thus operate at a cooler temperature.

With higher overload capability and built-in electronic protection, the equipment is less susceptible to damage, caused by output overload or short circuit.

The combined advantages of the above feature mean a product with high reliablity and durability.

To date, the types and ratings of the battery chargers that have rolled out from our production line as follows:-


1.            SINGLE PHASE (SINGLE / DUAL)

i.             12V            10A / 15Amps

ii.            24V            10A / 15Amps  

iii.           30V             3A / 6A / 10A / 15A / 20A / 25Amps     

iv.           48V             10A / 15A / 40Amps 

v.            110V           3A / 6A / 10A / 15A / 20A / 25A / 30A        



2.            THREE PHASE (SINGLE / DUAL)  

i.              110V          35A / 50A / 60A / 75A / 90A / 100A / 125Amps                                

                                   Other higher rating(upon request)    


3.           CUSTOM-MADE PRODUCT  

i.            Inverter 

ii.           Converter

iii.          Regulated DC Power Supply 

For more details, download GST Charger Online Brochure here.

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